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This fan learned that catching a baseball with your beer can create a splash zone

When beer baseball catches go wrong.

You can catch a foul ball or a home run with a glove or your hand and have a moment you will never forget. You can also attempt the catch by using your cup of beer and become a legend among your fellow baseball brethren.

We've all seen dozens of videos where a man or woman bravely sacrifices their very large and very expensive adult beverage to become part of baseball fandom immortality. When it works, it's fantastic. The ball gently lands inside the cup with minimal consequences, save for an ounce or two of spilled beer. Then our hero will chug his or her beer — sometimes with the baseball still inside — while the fans cheer on.

That didn't exactly go as planned for this woman on Saturday. She attempted to nab the ball using her cup, but maneuvered it using her entire tray, which may have been the reason all of her food stuffs exploded in an alcohol-soaked moment of defeat.

She still deserves a consolation award for the brave attempt. Someone please refill her cup.