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Browns QB Cody Kessler pulled a Dan Orlovsky and ran out of the end zone for a safety

The preseason started this week, signaling a fresh start for every team. And while some teams are a few adjustments away from vast improvement, there are others that are simply trying to focus on fundamentals.

Stop me if you've heard this before, but the Browns aren't looking so hot. Yes, the game doesn't matter and Robert Griffin III is the team's starting quarterback — and by the way, he delivered a first throw that will get Cleveland fans excited. But this Cody Kessler play merits a facepalm or three.

Kessler, while trying to avoid the sack, pulled an Orlovsky and went out of bounds instead. That's a safety, if you didn't know. And if Kessler didn't know, he definitely does now.

To be fair, Kessler did have a reasonable explanation: