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Andy Murray had to remind a TV host that Venus and Serena Williams exist

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Even in a moment of glory, Andy Murray would like you to get your facts straight:

Wording is important here. BBC host John Inverdale states: "You're the first person ever to win two Olympic tennis gold medals."

Murray replies: "Well, [first person] to defend the singles title ... I think Venus and Serena have won about four each, but hadn't defended a singles title before."

*That* is accurate! Andy Murray became the first person -- man or woman -- to win two *singles* gold medals, which is amazing, especially after he just won Wimbledon. He is certainly not the first person to win multiple gold medals in tennis -- which is a funny thing to assert on the same day Venus Williams played for her fifth career gold medal (and lost).

This isn't the first time Murray has had to pipe up when someone misspoke with regard to women in tennis, and the funny thing is this question would be missing something even if "person" were changed to "man". Several men have won multiple Olympic tennis titles (although not all received medals made of gold). They just didn't get both of them in singles, especially not back-to-back.

So yes, Andy Murray is awesome and very proud of his accomplishment. Just make sure you comprehend exactly what his accomplishment is if you don't want to get well-actually'd by the champ on live television.

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