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Watch a diver bellyflop for a 0.0 at the Rio Olympics

Even at the Olympic level, things can go bad in a hurry. Sometimes it's a minor mistake. Others it's a big gaffe. No matter how big the mistake is, no sport may magnify mistakes more than diving. Even a small issue looks a lot bigger when it comes with a huge splash.

Malaysian diver Ahmad Amsyar Azman made a mistake on Monday, and it was magnified in a massive way. His flipping, twisting attempt was close to be completed but instead ended with a huge belly flop.

If there is any consolation for him, at least he wasn't the first diver to end an attempt with a flop in this Olympics. A Russian diver received a 0.00 earlier when her attempt ended with a backflop. The dive did not help Azman's chances in Rio, however, and he did not advance beyond the preliminary round in the 3m springboard event.