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Eagles kicker suffers a concussion after getting hit in the head by a punt during warmups

Some interesting news came out of pregame warmups as the Philadelphia Eagles were preparing for their preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Pregame injuries aren't exactly unheard of in the NFL, but suffering a concussion is more unusual. It's even stranger for a kicker to suffer a pregame concussion considering they aren't involved in any pregame contact drills. Something seemed odd, then we learned more details.

In the rankings of peculiar sports injuries, suffering a concussion by getting hit on the head by a punt during pregame warm ups has to be up there. Fortunately for the Eagles kicking game, it's still preseason, and there are multiple kickers on the roster. Unless Eagles punter Donnie Jones was trying to sabotage Sturgis with some extremely accurate punts, there is no conspiracy theory here.

Or at least we don't think so ...