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The Orioles broke an 116-year-old record by hitting 4 homers before getting an out

Look, baseball games are long and anything can happen throughout nine innings. But baseball can also be cruel sometimes and dish out all the bad luck in one inning. The poor Houston Astros felt that wrath of the baseball gods on Friday night.

Facing the Baltimore Orioles, the team gave up a home run on the very first at bat. An Adam Jones homer to start the game isn't the end of the world. Comparatively speaking, Hyun Soo Kim's line drive that followed was a way better alternative.

But then the Orioles decided to add salt to the wound by hitting another home run. Then another. And another. Back-to-back-to-back home runs for the Orioles, bookended by a Mark Trumbo dinger. That's four home runs in five at-bats and the first time a team hit four homers without an out since 1900.

It can't get any worse than that, right? The Astros did manage to get the lead back, however so never give up!