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Two Cowboys played tug of war with a football while trying to run downfield

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The NFL preseason is a time to work through things and prepare for the regular season. A lot of players see the field, and there is a major lack of continuity. Sometimes it leads to mishaps. The Cowboys had a little confusion on one play on Thursday night, and while the result didn't turn out too badly, it was very amusing.

Dak Prescott thought Alfred Morris was going to go one way. Morris went the other way. Neither player wanted to fumble, so they both gripped the ball as tightly as they could and started heading down field.

The two-man rushing attempt is a bold, yet very ineffective strategy.

Somehow the Cowboys not only managed to avoid a fumble on the play, but Prescott actually picked up a couple yards. Still don't think we'll see a two-man rush revolution anytime soon.