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Carlos Beltran's new hairstyle probably required the use of a marker

Going bald can be a tough thing for anyone to accept. There are people who take creative routes to delay the inevitability of a bare scalp. Sometimes it can be successful (yet very hard to get used to), like in the case of Brian Urlacher.

I am not a hair restoration expert, but I believe a key to showing off your new head of hair is simple: hair follicles. Yes, those individual strands of hair that pop out of your head and grow over time are the difference between a luscious head of hair and being bald.

Which is why Carlos Beltran is probably doing it wrong. It really looks like he painted his head with some sort of marker. The sideburns are a dead giveaway. It looks like he simply smeared them on.

There's a reason Carlos Boozer attempted this technique only once. Maybe Beltran tried to wash it off before the game too?

Beltran actually had a great reason for this! While it seemed that he was doing it for himself, he res really doing it to make fun of teammate Rougned Odor.

That is great commitment to a joke. Carlos Boozer would approve