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Olympic gymnast Kohei Uchimura racked up a $5,000 phone bill playing Pokemon Go in Brazil

Kohei Uchimura is the Olympic gymnast favored to win the men's all around competition in Rio. He's also a fan of the latest mobile craze, Pokemon Go. Upon landing in Brazil, Uchimura downloaded the game and began to play along with the rest of the world, catching all the Pokemon he could. The only difference? He didn't take into account the data overages that could hit and suddenly his phone bill was $5,000.

But this where the story gets strange. Technically, Pokemon Go is not even available in Brazil at this time. Many athletes and fans are already upset over Pokemon Go not being available during the Olympics. So if the game isn't available in Brazil, it's possible that Uchimura walked about Brazil racking up a $5,000 bill and never catching any actual Pokemon. Right?! Really??

Whether or not Uchimura caught any Pokemon, he was thankfully able to sort things out with his wireless carrier and was only charged the equivalent to $30 USDs after the fiasco. "I really lucked out," Uchimura said.

h/t Kyodo News