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Leslie Jones sent such hilarious Olympics tweets NBC invited her to Rio

A lot of us have voiced our opinions on social media at a specific brand or page with the hopes that we get customer support or better (free stuff!) but comedian and Saturday Night Live performer Leslie Jones has everyone beat. The best part is that she wasn't even trying to do that.

She has been USA's No. 1 fan on Twitter. Based on her timeline, she hasn't left her television and laptop much since the games started.

She has posted videos of herself cheering on the country and celebrating every medal, and has also provided some thought-provoking commentary. (I personally have never thought about it this way and now I'm kind of disgusted at all pools. Thanks Leslie.)

But her fandom on Twitter has transformed into an amazing opportunity. The Olympics' NBC producer invited her to the games. She, of course, accepted the offer!

We don't know what she's going to do when she's at Rio but if her excitement in her living room is any indication, she is going to be ecstatic once she lands in Brazil. Maybe she can congratulate all the American Olympians who medal. Now that would be wild!