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Kobe Bryant’s cousin plays for Venezuela and put up a Kobe Bryant statline against Team USA

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Yes, I know you're shocked. Kobe has a family? Yes, he does. John Cox was born in Philly as well, as his dad's sister is married to Joe "Jellybean" Bryant, Kobe's dad. John Cox's dad, John "Chubby" Cox, also played in the NBA. Weird that both sides of the family made it to the NBA, but hey, it happened.

On Monday night, Team USA took on Venezuela in pool play in the 2016 Rio Olympics. He definitely took a few "Kobe" shots and I appreciate that. He scored 19 points on 20 shots, going 6-of-20 from the field. So Kobe.

box score

He also wears Kobe's while he plays, which I would too if I was KB's cousin.

john cox

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Here he is showing off new Kobe's. I'd like to assume he has an endless supply of them in every colorway possible.

sporting my favorite mamba's today #hightopelite10's

A photo posted by John Cox (@johncox4) on

There aren't any photos of the two together (we know of), but we have do have tweets so you know it's real.

Kobe was even watching as John took on Team USA.

In the end, USA Basketball defeated Venezuela, 113-69, and Kobe choose Team USA over his family. I kid, I kid. Kind of.

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