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Kevin Durant and his fellow NBA stars were geeking out in the stands watching Michael Phelps

It may be early in the Olympics, but Tuesday was a wildly anticipated night of swimming. With Michael Phelps facing off against Chris le Clos and Katie Ledecky going for gold, it was a night that could not be missed. And the USA Men's Basketball team was going to take full advantage of being in Rio.

One of the best things about the Olympics is seeing from different sports all coming together for Team USA and tonight was the most perfect example of that. First up was Katie Ledecky in the 200m freestyle. Which she won. And Kevin Durant and Draymond Green were loving it.


Kevin Durant also had time to get cozy in the stands with the fantastic Amanda Weir. If you're ever going to hang out with Amanda Weir, the Olympics would be the place.

Then it was time for Phelps and the 200m freestyle final. After ALL the hype surrounding Phelps in the past 24 hours. The death stare, the media talking, it was going to be a huge race. And after Phelps won his 20th gold medal, the NBA's biggest stars were just like the rest of us:


The celebration continued after the races too. Wait ... KEVIN DURANT HOW TALL ARE YOU REALLY.

In the presence of greatness.

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Phelps typically comes across as a pretty tall athlete until he gets next to an NBA player.

Witnessed greatness tonight #20 #21

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This is why sports and the Olympics are the best.