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Cavs fan, California resident and hero gets amazing '3-1 lead' license plate

Sometimes our day-to-day lives can be so stressful that we forget to focus on what's really important. Needing to respond to that email you've been ignoring all day can block out the things in this world that truly matter. Like the fact that the Warriors were up 3-1 in the NBA Finals to the Cavaliers and lost.

Fortunately for anyone who sees Twitter user @ConradKaz's car on a day-to-day basis, forgetting this particular situation will never happen again (in 8-12 weeks).

Of course, not everyone eats, sleeps, and breathes the internet, so it would be understandable if a stranger were to see this car and not recognize the meme. Our friend thought of that too though.

We reached out to find out the degree to which Conrad was scared of his car getting destroyed and he had this to say:

I live in Los Angeles and I don't think too many people are that upset about the Warriors here. Would I do it if I lived in Oakland? Probably not.

A fair point, given that most LA basketball fans are trying to pretend the last few years didn't actually happen.

And don't be worried you will only have one year to accidentally come across this magnificent piece of art in the wild.

I'll keep it as long as I find it funny so probably forever.

Don't accuse him of just enjoying the meme though, this dude spent two days with a messed up ankle that he thought might be broken because he didn't want to watch Game 7 from a hospital. He waited until after the championship was clinched to go for x-rays that night, then flew to Cleveland to enjoy the victory parade on crutches. So this is only the second biggest sign of Cavs fandom he has produced this year.