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Wisconsin set a record for season ticket sales, so Nigel Hayes bought everyone doughnuts

Your favorite college basketball player remains a delight.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Nigel Hayes is the best. We know this from the time he used big words at a press conference to confuse a stenographer then revealed his crush on her, the time he called out the NCAA for its hypocrisy on using different brands of basketballs and the time he literally dropped the mic after roasting Ohio State.

On Thursday, Nigel Hayes reminded us that he's the best once again. He's buying donuts for every Wisconsin student that bought season tickets. Let us explain.

Wisconsin tickets went on sale Thursday. Hayes said he and point guard Bronson Koenig would buy donuts for every student with a ticket if the Badgers could get a sell out in under five minutes.

Well, guess what.

The University of Wisconsin men's basketball team sold out its allotment of student season tickets in a record time of three minutes, the university announced on Thursday.

Like the man of his word that he is, Hayes was out at the donut store later that night. He even made a B- pun.

College basketball has one more year of Nigel Hayes left, and that's a wonderful thing.