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This visually impaired Brazilian Paralympic soccer player had a heck of a day cooking defenders

This sport is great!

You might not have realized how incredible Paralympics soccer is. That’s okay! But if you haven’t, you’re gonna learn something today. Here you go.

LOOK AT JEFINHO! Wow wow wow wow wow I thought the first one was good, and then I saw the second one, and jeez. This man is incredible.

Here’s another wonderful goal from last week that we loved, and it helps us make even more of a case for Paralympics soccer.

Here’s how Paralympics five-a-side football works. The players in the field have some level of visual impairment, and they all wear shades so that they are completely unable to see. The ball is equipped with a noise-making device, which is how the players locate it, along with some help from guides and coaches who can yell out verbal instructions. But the goalkeeper is not visually impaired, so keep that in mind when you rewatch Jefinho slice through the defense and fire home a goal. (You know you’re scrolling back up to rewatch it as we speak, be honest.)

So now you know how your new favorite sport works. Congratulations! We are all Paralympics soccer fans today.