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These are a few reasons Vernon Davis looked so weird when a fan proposed to his girlfriend

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I have a few theories.

There are three things that need to depart from this world: the wave, kiss cams and stadium proposals.

But my unromantic heart will make an exception for this adorable engagement before the Washington-Dallas Cowboys football game because something spectacular emerged:

Tight end Vernon Davis just gave the world the greatest expression since the last time a stranger walked in on me in a public bathroom stall.

Now, Davis, like me in that moment, was probably minding his own business before his pregame routine was interrupted. We'll never know exactly what he was thinking, but I'm fairly certain it was one of these.

"Who's mans is this?"

"Did I put my laundry into the dryer before I left?"

"Game's about to start, but I need to go real bad."

"Shoot! I left my credit card at the bar."

"Wait — you mean to say I play for Dan Snyder?"

"Yams. Sweet potato yams. Yams. Sweet potato yams."