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Minor league batter watches foul ball spin 15 feet back into fair territory for an out

Baseball players hit hundreds, maybe even thousands of foul balls each season. There are a few close calls along the way, but the vast majority are either obviously foul or obviously fair. This ball seemed obviously foul, then it turned into a spinning top and became obviously fair.

Las Vegas' Eric Campbell cued a ball right off the end of the bat. At first it looked like it was headed for the dugout. Then the spin took over and Campbell watched from home as the ball slowly, but surely tracked back into fair territory. It end up fair, and became the easiest out of the game.

Although the ball started in foul territory, it wasn't touched so it remained a live ball. Had it stayed foul beyond first base, it would have been foul regardless. But because it crossed back into fair territory before it passed a bag, it was in play.

Even in still images, this play seems hard to believe. This is where it first landed in foul territory.

That ball ended up in fair territory. Even at this point it seemed like a foul ball.

It just kept tracking and tracking and tracking. Almost like the field was tilted. As soon as it hit fair territory, the El Paso first baseman was quick to pounce.

It took almost the entire season, but we finally have the weirdest baseball out of 2016.