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Madison Bumgarner started a baseball fight by yelling a bunch, again

Madison Bumgarner has been no stranger to controversy, having started multiple fights this year.

Well hey! Look at that! He did it again! Who could have possibly seen something like that coming? Bumgarner, known for being a pretty good pitcher and a grade-A douche, decided Yasiel Puig wasn't allowed to look at him even though he was screaming after making a play. Hey buddy, one good way not to get someone to look at you is not to yell obnoxiously and draw attention to yourself! Another good way to do it is not to be in the midst of one of the more epic second half collapses in baseball history. These are just some ways to keep people from looking at you. Feel free to come up with some of your own, Madison Bumgarner, but please stop being such a tool.

Also be very grateful your entire team was there to keep Puig at bay.