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Triathlete willingly loses race so he can help his struggling brother finish

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The World Triathlon Finals were held over the weekend in Cozumel, Mexico and the race's conclusion became the kind of sports moment that will live on for decades. Brothers Jonny and Alistair Brownlee dominated in Rio when they won Gold and Silver, but this race was very different.

With less than a mile to go, Jonny began breaking down while in first place. Heat exhaustion and cramping muscles left him disoriented and barely able to walk, let alone run. He became confused about which direction to run in, then stumbled towards the crowd where a race official helped him stay on his feet. Moments later his brother, Alistair, rounded the corner to see Jonny struggling -- and he wouldn't let that happen.

Knowing his race would be lost if he didn't keep pace, Alistair ran over to help his brother anyway. The pair was passed by Henri Schoeman of South Africa, but that's not what this moment was about. The Brownlee brothers were going to finish, together. Alistair ran alongside Jonny, half-carrying him the whole way. The field were catching up, but the pair never stopped running. Finally as they reached the finish line Alistair performed one final, selfless act: He pushed his brother across to finish ahead of him. They took home second and third.

This moment will be remembered forever.