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Sad, wet Rangers fan discovers a plastic cup doesn't make a good umbrella

Rain delays suck when you're a baseball fan, especially when you're unprepared to deal with them. At the Angels-Rangers game on Monday, fans had to deal with a 38-minute delay, and while some attended with umbrellas at the ready, most had to run for cover. Then there's this guy:

This might be the most ineffective way to protect one's self from the rain. For one, it lacks the function and size of an umbrella. What he's actually doing is creating a cylindrical road for the water to ride onto his head, while protecting a small circle on top of his head. Second, you'd be better off placing it upside down, and using it as a cup like its makers originally intended. Get yourself a free drink while the rain delay's in effect, and then run for cover.

(via MLB/Cut4)