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Terrelle Pryor is willing to cut off a finger or die on the field to get the Browns a win

Hopefully it doesn’t come to that!

There are a lot of cliches in sports about being a team player and doing whatever it takes for the team to win. Cleveland Browns wide receiver Terrelle Pryor must be a really big fan of that concept, because he said he’s willing to sacrifice everything to win. Even his life.

“But I'm willing to die on this field,” Pryor said, via “I want to win. I'm all about winning, competing, and for me that's what this is about."

In a slightly less morbid sacrifice, Pryor also said he was willing to cut off a finger if it meant winning.

“For this city, for the coaching staff that worked their butts off and my teammates, I'll do anything to help us win, anything, cut my finger off, do whatever I've got to do.''

All of this was in response to being asked if he would be willing to play quarterback should the Browns injury woes at the position continue. While he likely didn’t mean the comments literally, he did say them rather frankly.

Let’s hope no matter how bad the Browns injury issues get, Pryor is never forced to cut off a finger or worse for a silly win.

For now, maybe Pryor could start by not drawing crucially costly taunting penalties.