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Braves outfielder robs Yoenis Cespedes of a walk-off home run

It appeared to be a huge victory for the Mets, but the Braves had other ideas.

The New York Mets are in the middle of a heated playoff race, with every game down the stretch a vital opportunity to make the postseason. At the crack of Yoenis Cespedes’ bat in the ninth inning on Wednesday, it seemed like the Mets were on their way to helping their chances with a huge walk-off victory.

Atlanta’s Ender Inciarte had other ideas.

Trailing 4-3 with two outs in the ninth inning, it appeared Cespedes had just drilled a game-winning walk-off three-run home run. It was a game-ending swing alright, but not the way the Mets had to be hoping for. Inciarte made a beautiful catch and was very proud of the souvenir.

"I think it was pretty cool,” Inciarte said after the game, via ESPN. “I went a long way. I thought that ball was gone off the bat. But it was the last play of the game, so I was going to try for it. This is probably the best catch I've ever made. I was really pumped up. I caught the ball and I knew I had it, but the fans were waiting until I took it out of the glove."

The best catch Inciarte has ever made could prove to be very costly for the Mets. With the loss, New York failed to gain ground in the deadlocked wild card race.