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Kevin Johnson pummeled a protester who hit him in the face with a pie

Johnson was hit with the pie and proceeded to beat the protestor to “a bloody pulp.”

Kevin Johnson, via USA Today Sports, and the protester’s mug shot, via ABC10 in Sacramento.

Kevin Johnson, two-term mayor of Sacramento and a former NBA star, attacked a protester who threw a pie into his face at a charity event on Wednesday.

The protester was identified as 32-year-old Sean Thompson of Sacramento. He was arrested and has been charged with felony assault of a public official and a misdemeanor charge of battery on school or park property. One witness described Johnson throwing half a dozen punches and beating Thompson to a “bloody pulp,” according to the East Bay Express. Johnson was uninjured.

UFC fighter Urijah Faber, who was in attendance, described the initial provocation as “half punch, half pie slamming in the face.”

“Then they got into a scuffle and started rolling around on the ground and looks like that guy got the worst of it,” Faber told ABC10 in Sacramento.

The full phone interview from ABC10 is below. There does not appear to be video of the event at this time.

At some point, Thompson was a member of Occupy Sacramento, an organization that has peacefully protested homelessness and other issues since 2011.

Johnson spent nearly his entire 11-year career playing for the Phoenix Suns and was named to the All-Star Game three times. He’s in his final three months as the mayor of Sacramento.