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Boris Diaw brought a portable espresso machine to drink coffee at the Grand Canyon

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Boris Diaw really loves coffee. We’ve known that for awhile. While playing for the Spurs, he had a little portable espresso machine in his locker.

Still undefeated at home and an espresso, What else ? #nespresso #coffeetime #borista

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Another time, he tried to convince Manu Ginobili to buy a coffee maker over several Tweets.

It seems no matter where Diaw goes, he brings a personal espresso machine with him. Even at the Grand Canyon.

#TBT one of the best place to drink an espresso at sunrise. #whatelse

A photo posted by Borisdiaw (@diawboris) on

I have a lot of questions here.

  1. Does that espresso machine work on batteries or did he also haul some sort of portable generator?
  2. Did he bring water with him, or did he pull it out of a stream?
  3. Is there any place Boris Diaw goes that he doesn’t bring an espresso machine?

I’m just going to assume that Diaw also has an espresso machine in his car and in the bathroom at his house. One day he’s going to retire and invent a pop-up espresso machine that fits in your wallet.