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Steven Adams understands if you don't want him holding your baby

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During the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Media Day, host Lesley McCaslin wanted to show her newborn son to Andre Roberson, Enes Kanter, and Steven Adams. The players jokingly told her that they were scared to hold him, and Adams was even kind enough to hold the mic for McCaslin. “Oh, thank you. I’d rather you hold [the mic] than my baby,” McCaslin told Adams. “Would that be alright?”

Adams, in his usual humorous self, responded with “Yeah, nope. No offense taken.”

Adams is a tall, hairy man, almost like Chewbacca, so it’d make sense if he’s okay with not holding the baby, in case he ends up crying in his arms. But Hunter was totally cool with Adams hanging around, and Adams loves the kid, as he showed during the livestream:

So, to recap: Steven Adams is tall and hairy, and he understands if those two characteristics scare children, but loves them regardless.