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Klay Thompson's dog pooped on the Dodger Stadium grass during an interview

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Klay is known for dropping 3s, but his dog dropped a deuce.

This hardly needs to be reiterated, but every dog is objectively a good dog. Having said that, Klay Thompson’s dog Rocco did something that might merit a soft “bad dog” sent his general direction.

Thompson loves his dog so much that he’ll take the little dude anywhere, especially Dodger Stadium where he hung out on Friday. He cares about his dog so much that when he was in the middle of negotiating his extension with the Warriors, all he was thinking about was completing the deal so that he could get home to him.

Rocco has a very good human, who let him hang out in the background during an interview. The only problem was that when you mix dogs and great grass together in an unsupervised environment, something is about to get pooped on. And that’s exactly what happened — Rocco decided to poop on live television.

It’s almost as if Rocco held a 3-1 lead against his stomach and then decided to ruin his chances — as well as some perfectly good grass. Good dog.