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Michigan’s best player is casually catching punts with one arm behind his back

Jabrill Peppers is a bad, bad man. In three games he’s amassed 25 tackles and registered 2.5 sacks. Now he’s prepping for Saturday’s game vs. Penn State by casually catching punts with one arm behind his back.

This isn’t exactly a show of skill, it’s a show of swag. Catching a football one-handed isn’t a specifically difficult task — especially on a punt — but it takes a level of confidence to stand in front of the opposing team and do it. It tells the opposing QB that you’re going to pick him off and there’s nothing you can do about it, all while showing that you’re confident enough in your abilities that you won’t drop a punt in front of thousands of fans.

Wait for it. Jabrill Peppers is going to have himself a day.