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The Oilers’ new mascot is now the best lynx mascot in all of sports

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In the pantheon of sports mascots is the noble lynx. A proud big-pawed feline that is often poorly represented. Not anymore. The Edmonton Oilers chose a Canadian Lynx as their new mascot, and it’s the best lynx mascot in sports history.

Go on, try to make jokes about Hunter. We’re waiting. Oh, you can’t? Is that because HUNTER IS SUCH A FRIGGIN’ BADASS?! Honestly, it’s flawless. I photoshopped Hunter’s head on a Canadian lynx’s body and outside of the colors being off it totally fits.

The quality of the Oilers’ lynx is really miles ahead of other sport lynxs.


1. Hunter (Edmonton Oilers)

2. Milo (UC-Denver)

University of Colorado - Denver

4. Max (Rhodes College)

Rhodes College

5. Prowl (Minnesota Lynx)

Atlanta Dream v Minnesota Lynx - Game One Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Huge congrats to the Oilers, owners of the best Lynx in sports.