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Marlins players wear No. 16 jerseys as team honors Jose Fernandez in emotional tribute

It will be the last time any Marlins player wears No. 16.

When the Miami Marlins stepped on the field Monday night, they did so for the first time since the tragic death of their teammate Jose Fernandez. They also did so in honor of Fernandez, as every Marlins player wore a No. 16 Fernandez jersey.

That was just part of an incredibly emotional scene during the pregame tribute. After the national anthem, all of the players from the Mets and Marlins joined each other on the field for hugs and condolences.

The Marlins players then gathered around the mound to gather and take a knee. Some players rubbed dirt from the mound on their uniforms, something Fernandez did growing up in Cuba when there was no rosin bag to use. Finally, the Marlins huddled, with Giancarlo Stanton passing along words of support.

The Marlins went on to win the game 7-3 and paid one final tribute on the field. They gathered around the mound together before leaving their hats on the field and exiting.

Fernandez was one of three people who died Sunday in a boating accident. He was 24 years old. The Marlins were scheduled to play on Sunday, but the game was cancelled. The team paid several tributes to Fernandez, including inscribing his No. 16 in the pitching mound.

When the Miami players walk off the field on Monday, it will be the last time any Marlins player wears No. 16. The team announced the number would be retired from use after Monday.

The tribute is just part of a massive outpouring of love and remembrance for Fernandez. Multiple teams have paid tribute with dozens of players joining in. Multiple teams hung Fernandez jerseys in their dugouts on Sunday, while players, teams, and fans honored Fernandez in other ways.