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Yankees fan experiences every emotion after temporarily losing ring during proposal

Proposing during a professional sporting event is a risky proposition. Thousands of fans watch the moment unfold on the video board and it’s guaranteed that if anything goes wrong, they will see it. There is also the chance the person says no.

The latter wasn’t an issue for this Yankees fan, but holding onto the ring proved to be troublesome. The scene unfolded live on the giant video board with a camera there to capture the moment. Then the ring went missing. The proposing fan apparently dropped it while attempting to propose.

He seemed to cycle through every emotion possible as a search party formed to find the ring. The trouble with dropping something as small as a ring in a stadium is there are a lot of places for it to hide. It could land in some garbage under the seat. Or be covered in mustard from a hot dog the person in front of you discarded. Fortunately, the ring was located and his girlfriend said yes.

At least they have a unique proposal story. Even if it wasn’t the one he imagined.