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The Blazers are getting new uniforms in 2017, so here are 3 ideas they should use

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The Portland Trail Blazers are undergoing a uniform change for the 2017-18 season and we’re waiting with bated breath to see what they’ll end up being. The team has already said that it won’t be a “dramatic change,” but that could totally be a curveball.

Lets face it, the Blazers jersey is one of the most iconic in sports. It doesn’t really need a change, but it’s fun to spruce things up. The new uniforms need to represent the Portland of today, the vibrancy of now — and thanks to our better thinking we’re not just going to “Put a bird on it,” oh no. Here are three free ideas the team can use and we won’t even charge them a fee.

Artisanal knit uniforms.

Every single NBA jersey is made out of the same basic stuff. They’re all 100 percent polyester, which is great for moisture wicking, but has no breathability.

We posit that Portland get rid of that man-made fiber and use wool. Simple, spun sheep’s wool. It’ll keep you warm so you don’t need a warmup jacket on the bench, and it supports local farmers. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved and it doesn’t need a ton of work. The Blazers’ current design already works in wool.

Honor what trailblazing is all about.

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear “Oregon?” It’s “trail.” This is an untapped angle the Blazers have never gone into.

The 80s are hot right now and this design really taps into it. A brave, noble steer pulling a chuck wagon with basketball wheels and topped off with some straight-out-of-the-classroom FixedSys font. It’s iconic. It’s nostalgic. It’s perfect.

Wear actual blazers.

Want to be a real trailblazer? Wear a friggin’ sportcoat on the court. It has the word “sport” in it for a reason.

This artist’s rendering doesn’t really do the idea justice. This would not be a loose-fitting, rack-bought blazer. It would be a fitted, perfect, debonair uniform that’s ready for Game 7 and a swanky event. Think of all the time saved if players didn’t need to change out of their dress attire before the game. That’s more opportunity for thinking and scheming.

Plus the blazer has handy pockets for basketball gear like a whistle, athletic tape, or Jolly Ranchers.

We’re not saying the Blazers have to adopt all of these ideas, just that they should absolutely adopt one of them. Think outside the box, Portland — that’s what you’re good at. Is changing a font slightly or adjusting the angle of a stripe really keeping Portland weird? Hell no it isn’t. It’s time to drastically rework what you’re all about.

Think of the future.

Think of the children.

Think about Sinclair, the small-batch tailor who is waiting to make you fine blazers and who is absolutely not made up.