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A rain delay in late September resulted in a rare MLB tie

Thursday night’s game between the Cubs and Pirates brought us a finish that is very rare for the game of baseball.

The game went into a rain delay in the sixth inning, and after a one hour and twenty-three minute delay, the game was called. All stats from the game count according to MLB.

How rare is a tie in baseball? Well, it’s pretty dang rare. The last time we saw a tie in MLB was on June 30, 2005 between the Astros and Reds.

MLB rules (and unwritten rules) are weird. One night, you’ll see a game end like tonight’s Cubs-Pirates. And on the next night, you’ll see a game like the one earlier this year between the Rangers and Yankees that seemed to go on fooorrrrrreeeeevvvvvver.

I guess it’s not always about the wins and losses though. Sometimes a moral victory is all you need.