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Cam Newton proves he is the MVP of dental hygiene by flossing on the sideline

Cam Newton was very busy Thursday night trying to deal with the Denver Broncos' tenacious defense. That doesn't mean he didn't have time for some dental hygiene.

Cam Newton flosses during the NFL season opener. What's your excuse?

I imagine a photo of Newton flossing will be popping up all over dentists office any second.

How does Newton even have floss on the sideline? NFL teams prepare for a lot of circumstances, but needing some floss? Is there an emergency toothbrush down there, too? Some mouth wash? Maybe Newton brings his own floss to ensure his smile is looking perfect for his touchdown celebrations.

Why was Newton flossing? Turns out it was due to a troublesome halftime snack.

"I was eating oranges at halftime," Newton said. "They got stuck in my teeth."