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High school player shatters backboard on ferocious tomahawk dunk

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They had to call the game.

If you are a basketball backboard salesman, I would suggest you make a call to Evans High School, as they are in the market for a new backboard after this happened.

That is Isaiah Banks of Heritage High School with the literal rim-destroying dunk. Sometimes, a backboard will shatter because someone hung on the rim. This wasn’t that. This was a tomahawk dunk so ferocious, the impact with the rim shattered the backboard. It was instant, and extremely impressive. It was also a game-ending dunk, as the game was called in the third quarter because of the damage with Heritage winning, 40-14.

It seems Banks has a history of throwing down high-flying dunks.

Any high schools left on Heritage’s schedule might want to consider having a backup backboard on hand before this happens.