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Pablo Sandoval looks skinny as hell now

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Nearly a year ago, Red Sox third baseman Pablo Sandoval made the news because of this embarrassing photo of him at spring training.

A few months later, during a game against Toronto, his belt broke mid-swing.

It was an admittedly funny moment (that’s also improved by slow motion technology), but his weight was pretty much the elephant in the room. At the time, Sandoval told reporters that the team hadn’t asked him to lose weight. After playing three games, Sandoval missed the rest of the 2016 season due to a shoulder injury, which meant time to recover and time to hit the gym. We hadn’t seen much of Sandoval, until photos of him started popping up last December, and holy crap, he looks so much slimmer. The infamous stomach that opened him up to so many jokes has shrunk.

And here’s what Sandoval looks like as of Wednesday:

It’s very reminiscent of that time the Packers asked Eddie Lacy to lose weight — which he did, thanks to P90X. For Sandoval’s part, he’s definitely been putting in work.

Congrats on the weight loss, Panda.