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Los Angeles Chargers' new logo is going over poorly with the internet

A year after the Rams officially announced they were moving to Los Angeles, the Chargers announced they are also moving there. Judging by the team’s headquarters getting egged Thursday morning, the news hasn’t gone over well. But it’s happening, and a move to a (not-actually) new city means a new logo.

This is the Los Angeles Chargers’ new logo, as seen on their Twitter account:

It’s a logo that illustrates a couple things: There’s still a lightning bolt that fits in with the electricity motif, and the letters “L” and “A” tell you the team is based in Los Angeles. If you squint a little, it kinda looks like “4A,” which sounds more like a parking lot section than a city.

It’s also not a final logo, according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell:

This working logo has a similar feel to the Dodgers logo and even the Tampa Bay Lightning logo, which is sort of uninspired. Well, the internet agreed and started dunking on it.

You know messed up when the Montgomery Biscuits are making jokes:

The Biscuits weren’t the only team to have some fun with it either.

Congrats, Chargers, you opened yourself to “L” jokes, and we should expect a lot of those in the future.

Of course, someone added a Crying Jordan:

Holy shit, this one’s good:

My colleague Grant Brisbee turned the logo sideways and made it into a fire-breathing dragon.

Meanwhile, I turned it the other way, making the “LA” into what looks like a “PF” amalgamation, and paid homage to the fact that the Chargers’ Twitter account was once run by a man who loved PF Chang’s.

It remains to be seen what the Chargers’ final, NFL-approved logo will look like, or if they’ll rebrand themselves entirely. A complete rebrand might be the best option, though.