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Even other pro sports teams are making fun of that Chargers logo

Moments after the Chargers announced their relocation to Los Angeles, the team quietly uploaded a new logo to the Twitter account to celebrate the move. Despite the fact that it’s a placeholder for a yet-to-be-revealed new logo, the internet couldn’t help but make jokes. It got to the point where other teams across sports started chiming in with their own jokes.

The Tampa Bay Lightning acknowledged the similarities, but also denied its logo had relations with the Dodgers logo:

So did the Omaha Storm Chasers.

The Dallas Stars jokingly announced their new logo, which is just a color swap of the Cowboys logo, mocking the Chargers for their uninspired design:

Southern Methodist University’s football team also updated their logo, this time their mustang’s tail with a lightning bolt:

After a fan told the Colts that they were “up next,” the team politely retorted with their own photoshop:

The Tampa Bay Rays’ minor league affiliate also dropped a logo joke — the Chargers let a team of biscuits dunk on them:

Even the Sun Belt joined in the add-a-bolt-to-an-existing-logo fun ...

... which was improved slightly by a fan:

The team with the most savage joke, however, has to be the Los Angeles Kings, who took advantage of the Chargers conversation by transforming it into a St. Louis burn:

The sports world will be waiting for the new, NFL-approved logo, but for now, let’s accept that mistakes were made on the Chargers’ part.