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Why it's awkward both Bow Wow and Future are at Falcons vs. Seahawks

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Sorry, Russ.

The Falcons are hosting the Seahawks at home and they’ve got some famous guests on the sidelines.

And that’s not all.

What do the two have in common, besides their rap backgrounds?

Both have dated Ciara, who is also at the game, in the past. In case you don’t keep up with celebrity-athlete entanglements, Ciara and Seahawks QB Russell Wilson are married.

There was actually some very ugly breakup business between Future and the now-Mrs. Wilson.

Last year, the Panthers played Future when the Seahawks visited. The Falcons said they weren’t going to do that this year, but instead he showed up and got a sidelines pass.

SB Nation reporter Jeanna Thomas asked Falcons PR if the team had invited the rappers, and a team representative said no.

To be fair, Future is an Atlanta native. Bow Wow is from Columbus, Ohio.

As far as rappers that have NOT dated Ciara, Ludacris, another Atlanta native, is performing the halftime show. Another Hotlanta rapper, Big Boi, is in the stands as well. (He’s never been linked to the R&B artist either.)

But hey, Ciara picked Russ in the end.