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Chiefs fans were so sad after playoff loss they left their grills in the parking lot

Arrowhead Stadium became a hellscape.

Imagine feeling so defeated by a football game you’ll do anything to get out of the stadium as fast as you can.

That’s how some Chiefs fans felt after Sunday’s loss to the Steelers in the Divisional round of the playoffs.

Look, they up and left their grills and everything. Even a bottle of whiskey. Aren’t they going to need that, after a loss like that?

If your team gets beaten by a record six field goals and nothing more, I guess you’re going to want to get home to your bed as quickly as possible to curl up in a ball until the pain subsides.

Besides, now there’s almost nine months before Chiefs fans will have to tailgate again — plenty of time to buy a new grill.

Alternately, Steelers fans could have been so overjoyed they forgot about their grills in all the confusion. They’ll need to get replacements a bit sooner, when they take on the Patriots next week.