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Marshawn Lynch is doing wheelies on the street in Scotland

It will almost be a year since Marshawn Lynch announced his retirement. However, he’s still a busy man, whether he’s going to Egypt for football camp, sharing an adventure with Bear Grylls, working at a chocolate factory, or lamenting a missed Taco Bell visit. The point is, Marshawn is still a star in his post-NFL life, who pops up every now and then to everyone’s delight.

On Tuesday, someone in Scotland found Lynch riding around on a BMX bike with a bag of Skittles hanging in the front. On paper, it sounds like a fantasy that a young child wrote, but no, it’s real. And it looked like Marshawn didn’t seem too happy about being recorded.

And here’s Lynch again, doing on wheelie on the street, on the wrong side of the road, and nearly colliding with a bus.

There’s probably an explanation for why Marshawn is in Scotland, and it probably has to do with the Skittles bag on his bike. But I like to imagine Marshawn crafts his travel itineraries by picking up pieces of paper from a hat, and somehow that method brought him to Scotland.