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David Ross videobombed Anthony Rizzo with a White House selfie

In The Loop - David Ross Senior Selfie Instructor

Have a friend who takes selfies EVERYWHERE you go? Comment with their name below! Grandpa Rossy seems to be "that guy" and he was BUSTED by In The Loop for it, while Anthony Rizzo was trying to have a moment...

Posted by CSN Chicago on Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Cubs got to be the last sports team to visit the White House during President Obama’s time in office. It was a historic visit that saw two Chicago icons come together to celebrate a World Series win. Of course, if you’re at the White House, there is a tendency to soak in the experience and act like a tourist, which is what retired catcher David Ross did during his visit. As the press interviewed Anthony Rizzo, cameras caught Ross popping into frame and taking a selfie, which you can see here:

No disrespect to CSN Chicago, but y’all gotta let David Ross live. He won a World Series, he was at the White House with his teammates, and he got to meet Obama (and Jimmy Buffett for some reason). Ross has an Instagram account that’s been mostly maintained by Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo, because he’s almost 40 and he doesn’t need social media in his life, but while he has them, he might as well have fun. And that’s the crux of that moment there: Ross was having fun there, which was even better because he stole the spotlight from Rizzo in that video. Why wouldn’t anyone do this at the White House? It’s the White House.

Let David Ross live, and let him buy all the selfie sticks he needs.