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Lions' Hail Mary against the Packers at Ford Field is sadly familiar

Bad memories for Lions fans.

The Packers-Lions game was all but decided when the fourth quarter was winding down. The Lions were on offense and short on time, so they decided to bomb it to the end zone. They got it, but what transpired was probably the saddest Hail Mary.

It’s not that the pass and reception weren’t impressive. Anquan Boldin did an excellent job securing the football as he fell. It’s just that a Hail Mary at Ford Field feels awfully familiar.

The Packers shocked Detroit last year with one of their own, the longest Hail Mary in NFL history. This one — especially because the Lions still needed an onside kick recover and another Hail Mary — was false hope. Still, the Lions are in the playoffs! No need to carry that pessimism into the postseason. They should, however, keep that gunslinging going.