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Louisville tricked Duke into defending the wrong basket and scored the easiest 2 points

Got them!

The Louisville women’s basketball team scored one of the easiest buckets of the season on Monday, thanks to some trickeration to start the third quarter.

The Cardinals lined up for the inbound pass like they normally would. Three players stood on one half of the floor, while a fourth stood in the “backcourt” to await the pass. The Duke players followed suit, lining up to guard the Louisville players. There was only one problem. The Cardinal players lined up near the basket were sneakily lined up near the wrong basket.

Briahanna Jackson inbounded the ball to Mariya Moore who easily dribbled to the correct bucket for the easy score.

The basketball version of the hidden ball trick.

The move even fooled the announcers, who took a second to figure out what had just happened.

Although the trick worked to perfection, Duke got the last laugh. The Blue Devils beat the Cardinals, 58-55, handing Louisville its first loss of the season.