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Ric Flair continues beef with Panthers players after supporting Falcons

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WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has a unique relationship with the Carolina Panthers. As one of Charlotte’s most famous figures he’s a sports icon — but Ric turned heel. During the 2016 playoffs he’s been openly supporting the Falcons, the Panthers’ NFC South rival. Defensive end Charles Johnson had a problem with that.

Despite being born in Memphis, Flair has always been Charlotte through-and-through. He was billed as being from the city throughout his career, routinely calls sports radio in the area and is a cult figure of prominence. It took some time for Flair to respond, but he opened up.

Shots fired! The Panthers were demonstrably terrible in 2016, so Flair is siding himself with a winner. If you know anything about Ric Flair then you know this is par for the course.

#IwasaStingfananyways, good hashtag. Now we just need to decode the emojis, which tell us Johnson is just goofing around with the Nature Boy. It wasn’t long ago that Johnson (an Atlanta native) was linked to making a move to the Falcons in free agency, so it’s hard to believe there’s too much beef.

Either way, Ric wouldn’t let this one die.

This is Flair’s MO. He is the ULTIMATE heel in life, even after his career is over. It wasn’t long ago that Flair was in the locker room of the 49ers BEFORE they played the Panthers in the 2014 playoffs.

The troll game is strong with this one.