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Patriots are in the Super Bowl, so Wilson Football reminded everybody about Deflategate

It’ll never go away.

The Patriots and Falcons are set to face off in Super Bowl LI, with the Patriots looking to force Commissioner Roger Goodell to hand Tom Brady the Lombardi Trophy after handing him a suspension for Deflategate. It kept Brady out of the first four games of the season, and the Patriots are looking for revenge.

Sunday night, Wilson tweeted out a photo of some deflated footballs, showing that the footballs for the Super Bowl are made by their company.

Of course, it was an easy laughing point considering what has happened since Deflategate. The Patriots and the NFL went through this long, drawn-out thing that — as previously mentioned — ultimately ended up with Brady serving a four-game suspension.

Despite the suspension, Brady put up a solid MVP case, and it appears he and the Patriots are determined to win a title to put any questions of their validity to rest.

It’s just hard to ignore the timing and nature of this particular tweet.