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Korean basketball players did the Mannequin Challenge in the middle of their All-Star Game

The Mannequin Challenge is slowly becoming a thing of the past, because everyone keeps doing their own versions, and not being too creative with it. But there are people that are finding new, refreshing ways to do the Mannequin Challenge, such as the California high school football team before their two-point conversion, and the Korean Basketball League during Sunday’s All-Star Game.

One of the players on the Junior squad waited until the shot clock went to zero to shoot his shot. It didn’t go in, but once the shot clock buzzer rang, both teams froze. And it wasn’t just those on the court — the bench got in on it ...

... and the coaches, too.

My favorite part is this guy, who was cracking a smile while he was frozen, like he was thinking, “Yup, we’re doing this.”

I know it’s passe by now, but ... the NBA has to do this during their All-Star Game. Just once. The KBL has proven it can be done, and it’s totally worth it.

(h/t Joon Lee; Yahoo Sports)