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Ted Cruz makes the ultimate ‘Grayson Allen looks like Ted Cruz’ joke

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If you spend any time on the sports internet, especially on Twitter during a Duke basketball game, you’ve probably seen a joke about Grayson Allen looking like Ted Cruz. That joke has been made hundreds, if not thousands of times. Including by Ted Cruz himself.

We can thank Deadspin for the latest development of the joke. They set a brilliant trap on Monday. Or seemingly so.

Cruz responded with the best “Grayson Allen looks like Ted Cruz” joke yet.

The best part of all of this might just be the fact Deaspin seemed legitimately interested in actually getting a picture of Ted Cruz playing basketball. Their post notes that Cruz has been playing a lot of basketball with fellow senators. While their tweet ended with a joke, it seems it was only a bonus to their original intentions.

Regardless the joke has now become self aware.