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Dion Waiters forgets 100 percent of the quotes he can’t remember

Dion Waiters has been on a roll this week. On Monday, Waiters shut down the Warriors on Monday with a game-winning three, and on Wednesday, Waiters shut down the Nets with another clutch three.

We didn’t get his infamous crossed arms pose, but shout out to Hassan Whiteside for the callback:

After the game, he was asked about what he felt making two clutch shots in the same week. He’s basically really happy, even though he can’t find those famous words to adequately illustrate it (via Sun Sentinel):

Reporter: "You always hear about guys in the zone. What's it like to be in that zone and have that moment two games in a row?"

Waiters: "I love that moment. You can never shy away from that. I just feel though, like — one of my favorite quotes is, uh ... I forgot it already. One of my favorite quotes. But yeah, man, you just can't be afraid to take them shots."

I totally get it, Dion. It’s like that other famous quote from either Wayne Gretzky and/or Michael Jordan: “You miss 100 percent of the wait what were we talking about again?”

Actually, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take” might have been the quote he was thinking of.