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Gas station sticks up for Falcons by refusing to sell Sam Adams until after Super Bowl

The store’s manager hopes the move will bolster Falcon pride.

Ostentatious displays of pettiness from opposing fan bases are an integral part of the buildup to any Super Bowl. For many fans, knowing their favorite team was good enough to make it to the NFL’s biggest stage is enough to evoke a sense of personal pride.

But when 27-year-old Viral Chhadua, manager of an Exxon in Gainesville, Ga., read a Boston Globe article he says “belittled” the Atlanta Falcons and their entire fan base, he managed to combine both pride and pettiness in an exceptional fashion.

On Monday, in a direct response to the article (and to stick it to Patriots fans), Chhadua banned the sale of Samuel Adams in the Exxon until the Super Bowl is over.

“I was excited after the Falcons won and was irritated after reading that article,” Chhadua told SB Nation. “Atlanta fans don’t have too much to cheer for, so the Falcons being in the Super Bowl is very exciting for us.”

The crude nature of the sign — which is written on a piece of stock paper and entirely in blue sharpie — makes its simple message all the more powerful. As Atlanta aims to prove doubters wrong in a couple weeks, Chhadua is doing his part to bolster Falcon pride.

“I want the world to know that Atlanta does have a passionate sports fan base,” Chhadua said. “Hopefully this will change the perspective on it.”