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DeMarcus Cousins bullied his way to a game-winner against Charlotte

Charlotte’s Frank Kaminsky airballed a would-be go-ahead three-pointer on the next possession.

With 22 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter of the Sacramento Kings’ Saturday matchup against the Charlotte Hornets, and with the game tied at 106 apiece, all eyes were on one player: DeMarcus Cousins.

The Kings’ All-Star center didn’t disappoint. Cousins bullied his way past Marvin Williams and got to the rim, where he finished to give Sacramento a two-point lead.

But he left 14 seconds on the clock, which is more than enough time for Kemba Walker, also an All-Star, to drill a patented game-winning buzzer-beater. Unfortunately, he never got the chance.

Walker made the right play and found a wide open Frank Kaminsky at the top of the key. But Kaminsky left the three ball short and his Hornets went on to lose, 109-106.

Boogie finished with a game-high 35 points on 13-for-22 shooting to lift his Kings to a 19-28 record, tied with New Orleans for 10th in the West. Charlotte, on the other hand, has lost four in a row and slipped to eighth place in the Western Conference.

Maybe Kemba should shoot the game-winners from now on.